Solo Art CD Sampler 1

(Solo Art Records, New Orleans, LA)

Status: Available through Solo Art / Jazzology

Track listing

  1. Jimmy Stuff#2 Jimmy Yancey (SACD- , August, 1989)
  2. Mr. Jelly Lord Jelly Roll Morton (SACD-11, August, 1990)
  3. Maple Leaf Rag Max Morath (SACD-110, August, 1990)
  4. It's Been So Long The Ray Skjelbred Quartet (SACD-98, August, 1991)
  5. Topliner Rag Wally Rose: Rags-Blues-Joys (SACD-109, February, 1991)
  6. If Dreams Come True Don Ewell: Live At The 100 Club (SACD-89, April, 1992)
  7. Honeysuckle Rose Ralph Sutton (SACD-92, April, 1992)
  8. Introduction David Thomas Roberts: New Orleans Streets (SACD-115, November, 1992)
  9. Tiger Rag Butch Thompson Trio (SACD-113, April, 1993)
  10. Song of the Vagabonds Joe Turner: Stride by Stride (SACD-106, August, 1993)
  11. St Louis Blues Eddie Higgins: By Request (SACD-l04, November, 1993)
  12. I Get The Blues When It Rains David Paquette (SACD-105, February, 1994)
  13. Manhattan Martin Litton Jazz Piano (SACD-114, April, 1994)
  14. Love Me Or Leave Me Ralph Sutton (SACD-10, August, 1994)
  15. Jazzmen Special After Hours With Charlie Booty (SACD-108, November, 1994)
  16. The Entertainer's Song Max Morath: Real American Folk Songs (SACD-120, November, 1994)
  17. Seattle Hunch Knocky Parker: The Complete Works of Jelly Roll Morton (SACD-61/62, February, 1995)
  18. How Long Has This Been Going On Eddie Higgins (SACD-124, April, 1995)
  19. Snowy Morning Blues DicK Wellstood, Solo Piano (SACD-119, August, 1995)
  20. Eighty Eighter On Decatur Carl Sonny Leyland: Boogie & Blues (SACD-II7, November, 1995)

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